Techtextil North America 2008

More than 300 technical texile and nonwovens companies from around the world will showcase the latest products and advanced technologies in textiles, nonwovens and materials during Techtextil North America (TTNA), April 1-3, in Atlanta, Ga. Complimenting Techtextil North America Symposium's many seminar sessions and presentations, the exhibit hall will showcase the industry's cutting-edge developments and trends to the most qualified industry audience in North America. TTNA represents all vertical aspects of the technical textile industry from research and development, through raw materials and production processes, to conversion, further treatment and recycling.

Those companies planning to introduce new products and trends include A&E Technical Textiles's new CAMEL super absorbent yarn will be featured in their exhibit. It provides manufacturers of fabric and industrial products valuable flexibility to capture, manage and manipulate moisture for a wide variety of applications. CAMEL yarn is based on super absorbent fiber (SAF) technology, which provides the ultimate in rapid absorbency.

Already being utilized in the geotextile industry for use in ground water management (golf courses) and geo-absorbent (landfill) applications, the yarn can reach 90 percent of its maximum absorbency in slightly more than five seconds with an average minimum absorbency of 30-grams moisture per gram of yarn. Most importantly, the absorbency characteristics of CAMEL can be tailored to meet specific absorbency requirements, yielding maximum performance and cost benefit.

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) will demonstrate its extensive product line of engineered, woven, narrow fabrics, specialty broadcloth and woven structures for Medical, Industrial, Aerospace and Commercial applications. Featured samples will include woven tubular vascular stents, bifurcates and tapered weaves, used for replacing blood vessels; blood filtration membrane and carbon fiber structures for orthopedic and prosthetic applications; and circular (polar) weaves; woven 2D and 3D shapes; fabrics used for parachutes; and air frame components.

The air frame components are made with carbon fibers and are stronger and lighter than metal used in traditional air frame construction. The BRM team will be available to discuss the company's numerous industrial products including its line of Mil-Spec Webbing, as well as their services which include design and development, weaving, dying, finishing, strap cutting, specialty sewing and parts fabrication.

Diolen Industrial Fibers is taking fiber to a new level and will be sharing it with the TTNA attendees this Spring when it launches Diofort, the world's first PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulphide) high-tenacity, multifilament yarn. This new yarn combines chemical resistance, heat resistance and flame retardance with high tenacity performance in filtration fabrics, mechanical rubber goods reinforcement and composites. New industrial applications for the product are being explored.

"The uniqueness of Diofort is in the properties its offers the application, " said Craig Heaton, the product's representative. "In hot gas filtration the resulting performance will improve through higher strength and better dimensional stability. Furthermore, the lifetime of the end products will increase considerably, and the yarn properties open the possibility for lower fabric weight."

Kuraray America, Inc., a worldwide specialty materials manufacturer, will be featuring Vectran HT and exhibiting their diverse portfolio of advanced fibers. Vectran fiber is a multifilament polyester-polyarylate yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and is used in a wide range of applications where strength, durability and dimensional stability are critical to performance and safety.

Stronger than steel, with excellent flex-fatigue properties, very low creep and outstanding moisture, thermal, chemical and cut-resistance, Vectran is ideally suited for the most demanding applications. Vectran provides engineering solutions for aerospace, composite, inflatable, rope, cable and electromechanical applications.

Other fibers Kuraray America will be highlighting in April are structural fibers for concrete reinforcement; advanced fibers for paper and nonwovens, including developmental anti-static and electro-conductive fibers; Spunlace nonwovens for hygiene applications; and synthetic leather made of super-micro fiber for industrial usage.

The Lenzing Group, offering a full range of cellulosic fibers and global manufacturing reach to the textile and nonwoven industries, will feature nonwovens, heat-protection fibers and architectural textiles. Combining the benefits of renewable raw material wood with the high degree of purity, softness and absorbency demanded by nonwoven customers, Lenzing Viscose and TENCEL are the ideal choice for demanding hygiene, medical, household, cosmetics, automotive and technical applications.

Lenzing Textile Fibers will showcase the latest breakthrough using Lenzing FR, an inherently flame-resistant fiber - the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Uniform made with Defender fabric. This fabric contains Lenzing FR and is produced by TenCate Protective Fabrics USA.

Lenzing PROFILEN yarns and fibers, used in architectural textiles and made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), for use in medical engineering, sports and safety wear, and hot gas filtration will also be featured.In addition to the core business fibers, the Lenzing Group is active in the plastics, engineering and paper segments.

Performance Fibers will present its global product offerings that provide innovation and differentiation with enhanced strength, adhesion and processing performance.

With the recently signed agreement to purchase North America tire cord and polyester industrial filament assets from INVISTA, Performance Fibers continues its planned expansion for its fiber and fabric portfolio with industrial polyester sewing thread fiber and nylon 6 fibers and fabrics.

Among featured products is 1H75 fiber, a DSP fiber that offers increased strength and improved dimensional stability; and PenTec fiber, a specialty fiber with a unique balance of high modulus and strength. In addition, 1W81 and 1W83 fibers featuring SeaGard marine overlay finish offer excellent wet abrasion resistance and superior long term durability in demanding marine applications.

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