Tiam and Medpack together in Naples

A great event dedicated to integrated technology for producing and bottling quality olive oil will debut in Naples from February 22 to 25, 2008. Mostra d'Oltremare exhibition center will host Tiam, the Mediterranean exhibition for the agro-food industry, together with Medpack, the exhibition for packaging and packing technology dedicated to companies from central and southern Italy, staged together for the first time on the Neapolitan scene. Italian olive oil production is about to undergo a deep evolution in its structure and organization. Foreign production is posing greater and greater threats, not only in terms of direct competition, but also because huge quantities of mixed product are placed on the market and labeled as Italian olive oil, while only containing a small percentage.

Southern Italy is the core of quality Italian olive oil production with 85% of the total national production. This, together with 12.4% produced in central Italy, result in the central and southern area of the country being responsible for almost the entire national production, which amounts to about 600 thousand tons, for a total business of 3 billion €. Therefore, this industry must be enhanced and protected: competition is strong from both developed countries such as Spain, Europe's first olive oil producer, and from developing countries. The best defensive method is raising product quality.

According to recent data gathered through a survey carried out jointly by Ismea and by producers' unions including Aipo, Cno, Unasco, Unapol, Unaprol (as described on web site, the current olive oil production is slightly shrinking in volumes with a 17% decrease, but it is improving in quality compared to 2006. This is mainly due to changes in climate and unstable weather, which appears to be set to last for many years in the future.

This is why there is such a strong demand for innovation and advanced technology coming from central and southern Italian companies, for which the olive oil market is of foremost importance.

Tiam, after two successful editions in Bari, gains strategic positioning by moving to Naples, which is located, as described above, at the core of 97% of the Italian olive oil production, and within the reach of regions which are gaining more and more preeminence on the market such as Lazio and Abruzzo (which account for 3.6% and 3.4% of total production respectively, a bigger contribution than Tuscany which only accounts for 2.8%). While production volumes are decreasing, as we have seen throughout the South, the region Campania, which produces 4.4% of the total, is increasing by 13%.

Besides the strategic relocation and greater accessibility from every part of the Center and the South, Tiam and Medpack respond to a strong need for innovation in technology. This has been ascertained by a survey on the positioning of different agro-food industries on the market commissioned by Ipack-Ima SpA, organizer of both events, to E. Press Consulting and carried out by Francesco Izzo, professor of strategic marketing at the university Seconda Università di Napoli in Naples. The research points out that olive oil production is one of the most favorable industries to process innovation: over 60% of companies intend to invest in new technology within 2008.

The double event at Mostra d'Oltremare already enjoys the support and participation of the most qualified equipment producers and service providers of the oil industry. Tiam, with its display of processing technology, and Medpack, showcasing the most advanced bottling, packaging and internal logistics solutions, are the answer to several deeply-felt needs of this industry: according to the survey described above, market players from the industry consider exhibitions as a valid tool to get up-to-date (65% of sample), and greatly appreciate Tiam and Medpack's accessibility compared to the great trade exhibitions in northern Italy, both in terms of participation expenses and for the possibility to train technical staff in loco.

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