BioFach 2008 International Wine Award

An expert jury of over 35 well-known tasters from eight nations selected top international organic wines for the tenth time on 1-2 December 2007. BioFach 2008, the World Organic Trade Fair, is all geared to organic wine and in combination with Vivaness, the Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care and Wellness, is expected to attract some 2,600 exhibitors and 45,000 trade visitors from 21-24 February. BioFach 2007 had already registered peak participation with around 300 wine exhibitors from 13 countries. Some 10 % growth is expected in 2008. The world's biggest organic wine exhibition takes place for the first time in the day-lit hall 4A and promises something special to tickle the palate.

Trained senses, fine noses and palates, and an expert eye for the fine wine in the glass were essential qualities again this time when it came to deciding which of the top organic wines entered were to receive the BioFach 2008 International Wine Award. More than 35 international tasters from the fields of oenology, wine trade, winegrowing and cellar techniques, sommeliers and wine journalists tasted altogether 545 top wines from 15 countries on 1-2 December 2007 in Nürnberg.

This time, 306 red, 183 white, 16 rosé, and 18 each of sparkling wine and dessert wine competed for Special Gold, Gold and Recommendations. 4 very special wines were also tasted. These included Amarone specialities from Veneto and wine from fungus-resistant varieties of vines. Red wine was represented most strongly with 56 %. 34 % of the wines entered were white wines. The leading countries in the BioFach 2008 International Wine Award were Italy with 125 wines entered, followed by Austria (118), Germany (105), Spain (88) and France (53). But not only the classic regions were represented; currently less known winegrowing regions like Poland and Slovenia also entered a selection of fine wines.

Only the best wines can hope to win the BioFach 2008 International Wine Award. This year, pairs of tasting teams of 3 - 4 tasters judged the individual wine groups, which are determined by country of origin and wine type. The first selection round of the new judging method filters out definite vinification faults. The tasters know the vine variety and region of origin to make sure typical features of certain regions do not count as defects.

The exclusion is justified in a comprehensible way in writing. Wines that present the variety type and regionality especially well enter the second round. The respective places result from conversion to an international 100-point scheme. Red wines nominated for Special Gold are tasted for stability after 24 hours oxidation time. With the aid of a specially developed system, the tasters determine and judge up to 24 parameters, including appearance (clarity, colour, consistency, viscosity...), aroma and taste aspects (salty, mineral taste, intensity, finish...), typicity, origin and potential. The judging procedures provide informative and comprehensible results.

The jury presented altogether 8 Special Gold and 21 Gold awards. 118 wines received a recommendation. The awards will be presented to the winning wines at BioFach 2008 as part of the official tour of the exhibition straight after the opening ceremony. Visitors can then judge the quality of the wines for themselves in the Vinotheque, the new tasting area at BioFach. BioFach 2008 also devotes a special wine brochure to the winning wines for the first time, which contains everything worth knowing about the individual top organic wines.

Udo Funke, Exhibition Director of BioFach and Vivaness, is delighted:
"The quality and bandwidth of the organic wines entered are impressive. I am convinced we are on the right track with the new wine concept in hall 4A and with the focus on top quality for the International Wine Award as well. I am looking forward to my second organic industry festival here in Nürnberg from 21-24 February 2008!"

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