Altenpflege + ProPflege 2008

The Congress at Altenpflege+ProPflege 2008 offers 75 individual events featuring a total of 100 speakers who will focus on the latest nursing developments and trends. The congress consists of 50 seminars, 15 workshops and 10 compact events.

Organised jointly with the help of the medical technology association "BV Med", the "HomeCare Forum" is dedicated to a discussion of how home care product manufacturers can optimize their cooperation with outpatient care providers. The forum also features practical examples of home care services, including palliative home care.

The Catering and Housekeeping Forum, organised by the Association of Housekeeping Professions (Berufsverband Hauswirtschaft) in cooperation with the German Nutrition Society (DGE), is taking place under the slogan "Top-fit at an Advanced Age" and will focus on dietary and lifestyle issues for the elderly. Topics include successful approaches to dietary culture for the elderly, "wheels on meals" services, catering trends and intercultural elderly care. A further topic involves the significance of dietary culture for people suffering from dementia or from chewing and swallowing disorders in elderly care institutions.

The 3rd European Forum is devoted to the subject of nursing institutions in Europe and the free movement of workers within the EU. The organisers are the German Federation of Private Social Service Providers (bpa) and the European Confederation of Home Care Organisations (E.C.H.O.) as well as Vincentz Network. Care service providers must prepare to face the challenges of an integrated European market consisting of 27 member nations. Experts from bpa and E.C.H.O. will be joined by political representatives to discuss the implications of these issues for employees and employers alike.

At the "Telematics in Health Care Forum" specialists from industry, self-administration, the research community and government will present the latest telemedical concepts and approaches. Topics include the electronic patient card and electronic ID for health service providers as well as the technical feasibility, pros and cons and financing models with respect to needs-oriented "smart care" services.

Under the slogan of "living.working.spaces", the 5th "Lebensräume" (lit. "living spaces") special display will focus on products, services and architectural solutions for future working and living environments. In addition the category of "universal design" will focus on how products and architecture can be designed for easy and independent use without any age restrictions. And the fifth international student-based "Lebens(t)räume" competition will showcase creative approaches to tomorrow's world of nursing.

The new "focus mobilität" special presentation will explore issues like vehicle procurement, insurance and liability, safety and fleet management. That's because care services are also mobile services. In Germany alone, some 75,000 motor vehicles are used every day to deliver outpatient services to private homes.

For the 17th year running, "Altenpflege" (lit. "elderly care") magazine is presenting the Altenpflege Award. In 2008 a jury composed of nursing practitioners and scientists will select prize-winning practical activities and projects in the field of elderly assistance aimed at helping people with limited sensory perception.

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