2008 World Ag Expo Top Five New Dairy Products Announced

New in 2008, World Ag Expo is selecting the Top Five New Dairy Products exhibited at the Expo. The 2008 Top Five New Dairy Products will be unveiled during Media Day on Feb. 11, preceding the opening of the Expo Feb. 12. The 2008 Top Five were chosen by committee as the newest, most innovative dairy products to be displayed at the Expo, Feb. 12-14.

Housed in the new Dairy Technology Center (DTC), presented by Bella Health Systems; a 140x160foot indoor canvas covered structure devoted to dairy exhibits, World Ag Expo will showcase the Top Five Products. The Top Five stood out from products nominated by exhibiting companies, and were selected by a panel of industry professionals and dairymen.

"Dairy production leads California's agricultural market and is a strong component of the state's and nation's economy. World Ag Expo leadership prides itself in bringing exhibitors and producers together to make their operations more profitable and efficient. These Top Five products demonstrate this technology, " said Shelley Khal, 2008 World Ag Expo chairman.

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