AeroExpo Prague 2008

AeroExpo, has announced a brand new event, taking place in Prague between 25-27 April 2008, which builds on its experience of producing successful business and general aviation (GA) trade shows. The organisers have selected Prague because of its location - 70% of all European GA takes place within a 500-mile radius of the capital. "We wanted to create a venue that would attract and benefit all the region's key players. With business aviation burgeoning in the region and light sport aircraft becoming a reality, it was the logical next step, " says show director Paddy Casey.

The show takes place at Pribram airfield, which offers brand new covered exhibition space with adjacent apron, plenty of hard-static display area and almost un-limited open air ground suitable for general aviation aircraft. Facilities on the airfield include a small hotel, restaurant, bar, and a conference centre.

There is also an internet café and press centre on site. The 4, 700 ft. tarmac runway is sufficient for aircraft up to business jet level and is supported by a well-maintained grass runway of equal length. Exhibitors flying into Pribram can taxi their aircraft directly to the static display area. Flight demonstrations will be especially easy to accomplish at AeroExpo Prague.

The AeroExpo team already has a proven history of producing successful shows. June 13-15 2008 will see around 20,000 visitors descend on Wycombe Air Park near London, UK for its third annual event, which will be Europe's largest GA show in 2008.

AeroExpo has established itself as a valuable fixture on the trade show circuit, generating high footfall and strong sales for exhibitors. Less than ten weeks after 2007's successful show around 100 exhibitors made firm commitments to attend. "People are already choosing their positions, it's a real sign of how important a fixture on the international circuit we have become, " says Casey. Iain Jack, UK general aviation manager, lubricants, Shell Aviation agreed, saying: The 2007 event was "the best European show we have ever done."

This summer saw a gate of 11,514, marking 100% growth compared to 2006, when 5, 000 attendees showed up. Says Casey: "We've been encouraged hugely by the 2007 event, but will do everything necessary to ensure we provide a show that grows, and further establishes itself as one of the premier GA events in Europe." He continues: "We will be the only dedicated GA show of significance in Europe for 2008 and we plan to step up to the plate and deliver to the industry accordingly."

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