Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co

At the tenth edition of Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co ., being held at Rimini Fiera from 23rd to 26th February 2008, the program will once again include numerous initiatives addressing trade members. These will include the seventh edition of the Italian Cafeteria Barista Championship. The brand-new feature of the 2008 edition is a third competition, Coffee in Good Spirit which, along with the Italian Cafeteria Barista Championship and the Italian Latte Art Championship, will decide the various specialities´ national champions, who will compete in the finals with the world´s best baristas in Copenhagen, in June 2008.

The Italian Coffee in Good Spirit Championship will be based on the ability to prepare two hot Irish coffees and two beverages of created by the contestants, providing they are identical and use at least an alcoholic base. This must all be done in eight minutes, trying to be as original as possible.

The CIBC (Italian Cafeteria Barista Championship) will be valid for the WBC(World Barista Championship); the contest consists in preparing (in a maximum time of 15 minutes) four espressos, four cappuccinos and four personalized espresso-based non-alcoholic drinks, to be served to a panel made of four expert tasting judges.

The contest´s rules are the same as the WBC (World Barista Championship), a real Barista´s ´Olympics´ and a competition sponsored by the SCAE and SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America). Lastly, the CILA (Italian Latte Art Championship). In this type of contest, baristas have to show all their manual skills and artistic flair when preparing two espressos with a dash of milk, two milks with a dash of coffee or café au lait, using Milk Art technique i.e. creating designs on the surface of the individual beverages, using just the milk jug, plus two personalized beverages decorated with any technique and ingredient, within a maximum time of eight minutes.

Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co 2008 will also host the traditional appointment with Espresso & Grappa Stratus Tasting, organized and held in collaboration with the Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Taster Research Centre) and with the sponsorship of the National Institute of Italian Espresso, International Institute of Coffee Tasters and the Grappa National Institute. Three sections will be set up: spirits, milk and coffee

Sunday 24th February, from 10 am, Rimini Fiera will host the convention of the ´Italian Espresso Specialists´, i.e. baristas qualified to serve Certified Italian Espresso, of which there are now over 2,500 in Italy, committed to carrying out their activity in top quality bars (in many cases historical and prestigious venues). The convention will be dedicated to ´Bar Quality´ and, as at the previous editions, the speaker´s rostrum will host the sector´s top experts.

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