SIGEP International Exhibition of Italian Ice Cream, Confectionery

For the 29th edition of the SIGEP International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato (Italian Ice Cream), Confectionery and Bakery production (Rimini Fiera, 26-30 January 2008) – there is also a busy program of initiatives tailor-made for trade members prepared by exhibiting firms. The following are some examples of the first that reached us.

Plug in and sell your gelato. This is now possible, thanks to PUNTO GELATO ITALIANO by IFI, the latest generation of free-standing kiosks, completely fitted out with back base unit and platform, designed by the Research & Development department of IFI, an INDUSTRIEIFI brand, based on a creative idea by architects Davide and Gabriele Adriano, who gave a new slant to TONDA, the one and only round rotating gelato display counter thought up by industrial designer Makio Hasuike for IFI.

An unusual combination of an indoor and outdoor venue, where services all face outwards, to create a space for enjoying the atmosphere of the seaside and the harbour, is proposed by architect and designer Luca Podrini, who decided to recreate the charming feel of a yacht per ROSSI DIMENSION (a INDUSTRIEIFI brand), specialists in custom furnishings and fittings, at SIGEP 2008.

A design based on non-colour colour, where carefully selected materials and close attention to details are very much to the fore. The counter in Corian, which runs round the entire perimeter of the locale, forms an imaginary line between inside and out, an essential element for every seaside location. An unusual venue able to emotionally involve clients, in an atmosphere that brings to mind yachts´ on-board lifestyle.

MO.CA, a company distributing equipment and products for gelato parlours, confectioners and bakeries, along with the A.I.D.A., Accademia Italiana Dolce Arte (Italian Academy of Sweet Art), proposes at SIGEP 2008 a series of conferences that range from the new creative frontiers in packaging, gelato flavours and brunch, to after-dinner and drinks.

The first meetings will be held on Saturday, 26th January, when Paolo Francesco Fuso will speak about ´Italian-style Brunch´, after which AIBES will organize an event regarding coffee-based cocktails, proposed as sweet aromatic after-dinner evening drinks.

On Sunday 27th January, Giuseppe Pozzi will concentrate on ´Artistic bread. Bread dresses up for You, whereas GB Plange proposes the theme ´The original taste of tradition still exists. Original bakery´, AIBES/Viander ends the day with ´Electric blenders: the modern alternative to shakers. Gelato drinks. proposing them successfully. Aperitifs at the bar´.

On Monday 28th January, the program features: ´Packaging. Nature re-awakens. Nature reawakens. Easter packaging flourishes´; Gb Plange with the ´Great new items in the Gb Plange assortment. Double-Chocolate. Vanilla Cream. For a variety of exquisite sweets´. At 3.30 pm, there will be the ´National Gelato/Coffee Drink Contest Pascucci/Saeco Trophy.´

On Tuesday 29th January, Carpigiani Gelato and AIDA University present Alessandra Racca and ´Tarts – a few words and..a taste! Mandarin Flan with chocolate Ôbianco mangiare´ cream pudding and cocoa gruè´. Plus: ´Packaging. Nature re-awakens. Nature reawakens. Easter packaging flourishes´ On the other hand, Giuseppe Pozzi and Paolo Francesco Fuso will focus on ´Carved fruit to make semifreddo ice cream pleasant and elegant´.

ESSSE CAFFÈ and Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (academy of Italian master confectioners/pastry cooks) come together at SIGEP 2008, offering exclusive tasting sessions, to delight visitors´ palates. On the stand, on Saturday 26th January at 3.00 pm, the best confectionery, pastry and gelato recipes based on espresso coffee will be made by the winners of the ´Create your DolcEspresso´ contest.

SIGEP 2008 will offer international visitors an unusual cross-section of contemporary Italian art. Not confectionery or ice cream art, in which Italians are nevertheless masters, but art by the painters, sculptors, ceramists and photographers taking part in the second edition of the Fabbri Award for Art.

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