Salon of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

This year the olive oil production in Italy will decrease by 25% at least, owing to the drought and the attacks of the olive-fly in some regions of the country. In this context, Italian olive growers and olive-press operators will have to be more active if they want to keep an adequate level of profitability on the market. For this reason, the second edition of "Olio Capitale – Salone degli oli extravergini" (Salon of Extra Virgin Olive Oils), organized in Trieste from 7 to 10 March 2008 by Fiera Trieste in cooperation with the Associazione Nazionale Città dell'Olio, will provide the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with operators from the rest of the world and the international market in order to set up, strengthen and consolidate important trade partnerships.

It is not by chance that Olio Capitale 2008 takes place in such an interesting and stimulating geographical context. Trieste is the ideal venue, located as it is right in the heart of the new Europe, opening up to the East, and the Alpe Adria area, which over the last few years has developed a niche market for olive oil, based on quality by definition.

Olio Capitale will exhibit the best national and international products. The protagonist of the event will be oil in all its varieties and specialities. Considering the success of the first edition, which was greatly appreciated by all the operators of this sector as well as thousands of visitors who crowded the exhibition area of the Fiera di Trieste, this event will attract also operators from the restaurant sector, eager to know better one of the most important condiments in the Mediterranean diet.

Visitors will be able to sample and purchase oils rarely found on supermarket shelves. Restaurateurs, too, will be able to extend the range of wines and foods they offer thanks to the presence at Olio Capitale of the best producers of many countries at Olio Capitale.

From 7 to 10 March 2008, Trieste will be the olive oil capital. The initiatives organized for this event include competitions for the best shop-windows in the city, guided tastings in restaurants, wine bars and coffee bars, as well as 'oil trolleys' not only in the most important restaurants in the city and the region, but also in selected restaurants in near-by Slovenia and Austria.

The visitors will also have the opportunity to have fun and improve their knowledge at the same time, taking part in oil-tasting courses aiming at promoting education and dissemination in this sector. In the exhibition area, cooking courses will be available focusing on oil as a healthy food product. There will also be roundtables and events dedicated to the use of oil in cosmetics.

A top event at the fair will be the 2nd Olio Capitale Competition, which is an integral part of the exhibition, and which last year saw the participation of 69 enterprises from both Italy and abroad. The Olio Capitale Competition is in fact the first in Italy to have a panel of professionals and a panel of visitors.

The main objective of this event is to promote new trade by giving to many extra virgin olive oil producing and consuming countries the opportunity to meet in Trieste, as well as to disseminate to the general public a deep knowledge of extra virgin olive oil and its characteristics. Keeping in mind these objectives, Fiera Trieste and the Associazione Nazionale Città dell'Olio are endeavouring to turn Olio Capitale into a centre of attraction for the entire production chain.

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