International Food Show

In the context of the 38th edition of the International Food Show, which Rimini Fiera is organizing from February 23rd to 26th 2008, Tuesday 26th February is an important day - the 1st GDO BUYERS DAY, i.e. a day entirely dedicated to purchase decision-makers with distribution chains - and will open with a round table coordinated by Prof. Daniele Tirelli, chairman of POPAI, entitled Deli-To-Go - Second-generation fast food. The event therefore intends defining this area of new deli-to-go preference, i.e. quality and tradition combined with easy, practical preparation.

The most important consequence is therefore the trend to appreciate and exploit (not just in words or in an experimental manner) a constantly increasing range of meal solutions that enables consumers to save valuable time. This favours the increasingly important need to rationalize the schedule of their day to day commitments.

In fact, it's a well known fact that organization changes in the employment field and other social and family activities by Italians also affect food and beverage consumption habits. In short, second-generation Deli-To-Go products represent the overcoming of the functional logic of fast food and industrial gastronomy, which is better known. Ready-to-eat gastronomic products of the future on the other hand will guarantee quality and freshness, as well as varied complex preparations and recipes, as will be shown by the case histories presented at the conference.

The suppliers of large-scale modern distribution chains are also heading in this direction. Some sectors particularly involved are those of processed meat, cooked vegetables, confectionery, etc. The new business areas that can be adopted by large-scale modern distributors therefore regard new services such as home banqueting (parties, celebrations, etc.), corporate catering or door-to-door delivery, thanks to the possibility of combining meal solutions and acceptable prices (due to the sales figures).

Modern distributors who are not only characterized by today�s large sales areas, but also and rather by neighbourhood stores, can therefore invade a field that Italian food service and catering still seems unable to fully cover. It is therefore necessary to study the expansion of product supplies that must adapt to suit new methods/rituals of social and inter-family relationships of Italy's middle class.

It's no coincidence that this year the show will be attended by a large number of members of ADIS Federdistribuzione, which brings together the companies working with cash & carry wholesalers, organized self-service wholesalers in which clients pay cash against invoices raised immediately and take the goods away with them directly.

This sector is an important reference point for small retailers and for supplying hotels, restaurants and public venues in general, as well as communities. ADIS members include all the most important companies trading with points of sale throughout Italy.

A mention must also go to the widespread activity carried out by Rimini Fiera to ensure the expo showcase interested visitors from abroad. At present, thanks to cooperation with the ICE and UNIDO, as well as the work carried out directly by Rimini Fiera, participation is foreseen by over 200 foreign buyers from Russia, Sweden, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, the Balkans, Northern Ireland and France.

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