Photonics West-2008

Gooch & Housego has brought technology designed for some of the universe's most demanding conditions to the industrial laser market with its low out-gassing capability.

The technique is designed to prevent the release of contaminating gasses inside laser systems, which can lead to the deterioration of optical surfaces and the eventual failure of critical components. Gooch & Housego is exhibiting at booth #1013 at the premier Photonics event.

Typical acousto-optic devices use a number of materials in their construction, generally adhesives and coatings, that can release gas inside the laser during use.

This can cause contamination of optical surfaces, which is catastrophic in high power laser systems. Out-gassing is increased in operating conditions such as reduced pressure or vacuum environments, or where there is UV light present, rendering lasers with intra-cavity frequency conversion to the UV at high risk of failure.

Gooch & Housego will be exhibiting products, including crystal-optics, acousto-optics, precision-optics, and electro-optics, on booth #1013 at Photonics West.

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