Wooden Waldmeister Bike Nominated For VOLVO Eco Design Award

The wooden Waldmeister bike of Designer Marcus Wallmeyer has been nominated for the VOLVO Eco Design Award! The innovative product was selected with only four other competitors from a large group of applicants in the "wheeler" category. The award ceremony takes place on the 29th of January 2008 at the 7th Volvo Sports Design Forum in the ICM area of the ISPO exhibition in Munich. This year, the focus of the world's larges sports and fashion exhibition is on sustainable sports design, with the motto "Eco Design Form Follows Sustainability".

In these times of climate change and the call for a responsible use of limited resources, the topic "Eco Design Form Follows Sustainability" is more newsworthy than ever. The protection of the environment and resources are becoming more and more important to the sports industry when designing a product and choosing the materials and production methods and customers also give the eco-friendliness of a product a steadily increasing significance.

The wooden Waldmeister bike was nominated because it follows an eco-friendly concept by using resources as efficiently as possible with its functional, sustainable design concept. The production of the bike happens entirely in Germany, harmful production methods or materials are avoided from the use of special glue to bio-degradable oil for the chain.

The choice of materials and the extremely high-quality craftsmanship aim at creating a technically, but also emotionally durable product that will support the present change in public perception of an eco-friendly lifestyle. The innovative frame designed as two elegantly curved wooden arcs radically deviates from the classic frame design an appeals to both, designconscious and technophile people.

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