Salima International Food Fairs

Salima International Food Fairs are the most important exhibition project aimed at food and food-industry technology in the area of Central Europe. Since 2002 they have been held every two years, which better complies with their specialist and contracting character and also with the innovation cycle of technologies presented. Their next run will be staged from 4 to 7 March 2008 and consist of the following shows: Salima 26th International Food Fair, MBK 4th International Milling Industry, Bakery and Confectionery Fair, Inteco 23rd International Fair of Equipment for Retail Trade, Hotels and Catering Facilities and VINEX 13th International Wine Fair.

For the first time Salima 2008 will be aimed at organic products which represent the most quickly growing segment of the world market in food. The interest in the products of environment-friendly agriculture and certified organic products has been increasing also in our country, although it is far from being comparable with that in the West-European countries and most organic foodstuffs sold in our country have been imported so far. For this reason we want to acquaint visitors with the advantages of organic food, however, in particular to promote quality products of Czech provenance.

At the fair results of the sixth specialist competition "Czech organic food of the year" will be announced ; its partner will be for the first time the company Trade Fairs Brno along with the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic. Nominated organic foodstuffs will be presented on a special exhibition space and visitors will be also able to taste them.

Some more firms, also foreign ones, will have their products within the project TRENDS 2008 on display. Products of modern food industry for a healthy lifestyle were very successful last time during their premiere and I believe that this time ever more producers will take part in the project. TRENDS 2008 have been expanded by a new category "GO Organic!" focused on organic food and products of environment-friendly agriculture.

First of all I must mention Food Forum which will deal, on the first show day, with the topics of the common EU policy. Ministers of Agriculture and Food Industry from Germany, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and also representatives of the European Commission were invited to participate. Food Forum will be held under the patronage of EU Commissioners for agriculture, health and consumer's protection.

The second day of the fair will be as usual Czech National Day. In addition to the official part of the program trademarks KLASA will be presented as in the past years and all awarded products will be also on show. In the evening the results of the Grand Prix VINEX Competition will be announced.

The above day will be also enriched with the topic Organic Food. At the Exhibition Centre the conference "Organic food in catering facilities Health and sustainability on a plate" will be staged. It will be the first international conference in the Czech Republic and Central Europe primarily devoted to the role of catering from the point of view of the healthy and ecological advantages of the food consumed.

It will present the best examples from several European countries, also from the Czech Republic, and will allow to establish contacts with professionals in catering who have been dealing with organic food. It will be a unique opportunity and I trust that our specialist public will not be missing!

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