Aluminium India-2008

Aluminium India 2008, the first International Trade Show and Conference to be held in India, acquires added importance. It offers a platform for exchange of Best Practices, new technology trends, and first hand experiences from various industry sectors across the aluminium chain. The three-day event is scheduled for February 22-24, 2008 at Bombay exhibition centre in Mumbai.

Aluminium India 2008 has moved into the fast track with 50 multinational Aluminium giants confirming participation. The conference-cum-exhibition acquires special significance at this time as India, the ninth largest economy in the world, is poised to join the elite superpowers. Manufacturing plays a critical role in this transformation. And India's rich mineral resources of several primary metals, accelerates the growth.

In particular, aluminium, the third most abundant element on earth, is increasingly being used in more and more applications. In India, the full potential is yet to be explored and exploited. Freed of price and distribution controls the aluminium industry has seen the influx of a number of new players, especially in the secondary downstream sector. There is a sharp demand curve but unfortunately the supply curve is not rising as rapidly. Energy cost is 40% of manufacturing cost for metal and 30% for rolled products and nearly all the plants are still using the 100 year old Bayer technology.

This exhibition / conference is designed to highlight the present and future scenario of Aluminum Industry, showcasing products and latest technologies to 5000+ visitors. The participants and visitors who will benefit most are primary & secondary producers, extruders, casters, manufacturers and users of aluminium products, technology developers & finally stakeholders of the transport, construction, telecommunication, electrical and electronic, utensils and home appliances industries.

The show has moved into high gear with Fifty multi-national Aluminium giants including the likes of Rusal, HINDALCO, BALCO, NALCO, Pyrotek, Fata Hunter, Wagstaff, ABB, KAMPF, Eural, Holcker Polytecnik Gmbh, Spradecom Electro Control and Kromschröder etc confirming their participation.

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