Exhibition on Science and Vedas Marks Science Congress

A special exhibition on the science and the Vedas will run through the entire period of the 95th session of the Indian Science Congress to be held at the Andhra University campus here from January 3 to 7.

In addition to the first National virtual Congress on the Mahila Kisan which will be inaugurated by President Pratibha Patil on January 5 during which she will interact with about 100 selected women farmers of six days through a video conference from the Sir Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy Utsava Rangam (Convocation Theatre).

A children's science congress and special and public lectures by Noble laureates and top scientists on important topics, some other important events have been planned during the prestigious conference.

About 900 delegates have arrived in the city on Tuesday. They included Noble laureate Robert Curl Jr. of Houston who is considered as father of nanotechnology. Dr. Curl Jr. arrived along with his wife.

Some 500 foreign scientists would attend the Congress and all were expected to reach the city by Wednesday evening to attend the inaugural function on Thursday morning. Some 3,000 Indian scientists, nearly 2,500 student-delegates (half of them being PG students and research scholars), faulty members attend the Congress.

Apart from Dr. Robert Curl Jr., two other Noble laureates Roger D. Kornberg of Stanford University, California and Paul Nurse who is president of the Rockfeller Foundation are also attending the Congress.

Prof. McNeely along with noted agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan would participate in a session on global warming while Dr. Sudarshan would participate in an interface on physics and Vedanta. He would speak on "the substratum of universe" on January 4.Prof. Venugopal Reddy said only the finishing touches were needed for the arrangements made for the mega event.

Dr. Manmohan Singh would present the Presidential Gold Medal of the Indian Science Congress to a noted social scientist and Chairman of the Mekaster group Virender M. Trehan during the inaugural session, according to a press release from vice-president of the Secunderabad-based Mekaster group D.S. Soni.

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