Dubai Shopping Festival

As part of its interesting mix of programmes for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2006-2007, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has put together a unique exhibition designed to clear misconceptions about Islam by highlighting the scientific discoveries and Holy Quran teachings. The Guiding Light, the exhibition is housed in eight rooms in the Sheikh Obaid and Juma bin Thani Al Majid House in Shindagha Heritage Sites complex. It is open to the public from 5 pm to 9 pm until February 2.

According to DTCM representative, Mr. Arshad Khan, volunteers well-versed in various languages including English, Arabic, German, Hindi and Urdu were briefing visitors from different cultural and religious backgrounds about the exhibits and relevance of Islam and Holy Quran.

The topics covered by the exhibition include the Creation of Adam and Eve, Conversion of people after Adam from Monotheism to Polytheism, Day of Resurrection, Resurrection from the Grave, Call of the Prophets, Prophecy of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) and other Holy Scriptures, Explosive element in water, the lowest point on Earth, effects of high altitude on the human body, fertilizing rain, origin of the Universe, creation of the earth and heavens and the Big Bang theory.

This year's festival have several new events at the Heritage Village complex, including Sarug Al Hadeed Exhibition, Dubai Neighbourhood, HCT Creation Exhibition, Al Razfah shows, Marine Forum of the AGCC, Oasis of Water Games, Ships Departure and Arrival activities and Camel Trial.

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