Go and Regiontour Tourist Industry Fairs

This year's GO and REGIONTOUR tourist industry fairs are over and everybody is looking to the 2007 event already. The 17th. and 16th. annual shows of the GO and REGIONTOUR respectively, will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 11 – 14 January 2007.

This year's GO and REGIONTOUR came up with a few innovative ideas that added interest to the expositions and attracted new visitors. At the same time, the ´twin fairs´ have manifested their important role in the promotion of tourism in the Czech Republic. Increase was reached in all the parameters, the greatest being the extension of the occupied exhibition space by 1 100 m2, due to the fairs' relocation to Pavilion V. As compared to last year, the number of exhibitors has increased by 5 %, reaching 1224 exhibiting firms. Also the interest of foreign companies has grown – they represented one fifth of the exhibiting firms (with 28 countries participating).

During the first two days designed for the professional public, more than thirteen thousand visitors passed through the exhibition centre gates. For them, a rich accompanying programme had been prepared, offering tens of specialist seminars, discussions and presentations dealing with the current issues of the tourist industry.

The success of the event was considerably supported by the extended collaboration with the Ministry of Local Development of the Czech Republic, which included this year's REGIONTOUR in its extensive project in support of domestic tourism. The ministry supported the participation of regions and other organizations operating in the area of tourism, shared in the preparation and organization of the MEETING POINT workshop as well as the organization of the accompanying programme.

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