Metalform 2007

Metalform, the most focused metalforming and fabricating trade show in the industry, returns to Rosemont, IL, next year. Showcasing the latest products and technology, the event will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center March 25-28, 2007. Sixteen of Metalform's 21 shows have been held at this convention center, which hosts about 70 trade shows and 30 public shows per year.

In 2007, Rosemont will be able to offer Metalform exhibitors new cost savings on labor. The most significant are much of the booth work can now be performed with two-man crews rather than three, crews and will be paid straight-time through the first eight hours of the shift, the first four hours following the break of a show will be billed at straight-time, Saturday hours will be paid at time-and-a-half rather than double-time.

Additional savings for METALFORM exhibitors in Rosemont will be realized through a five-year collective bargaining agreement with the Local 17 Decorators Union. Its key provisions include new straight-time windows and reduced crew sizes.

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