UBS Global Media & Communications Conference

The 34th Annual UBS Global Media & Communications Conference, "the longest running show on Wall Street, " opens at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City and runs through Thursday, December 7. The conference will feature presentations by chief executives and other senior managers of 85 leading companies representing advertising, broadcasting, publishing, multi-channel television distribution, entertainment and new media companies from the globe. For the first time, this year's conference includes the Communications sector as the two industries have blurred together.

The four-day conference will kick off with its traditional analysis advertising forecasts in the coming year. As the week progresses, the conference will focus on publishing, gaming, telecom, media, outdoor/broadcasting, entertainment & internet, professional publishing, Pay-TV, newspapers and multi-channel & technology companies.

The 34th Annual Media & Communications Conference underscores UBS's universal and comprehensive approach to covering the communications sector, with some 150 media, entertainment, publishing, cable, satellite, broadcasting, advertising and publishing companies covered by more than 40 analysts around the world.

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