SPF To Debut Next Week at METALCON in Tampa

Steel Panel Foundations (SPF) announced that it will introduce a new steel panel basement foundation technology that will enable builders and developers to construct water-tight finished basements in less time and at lower costs than conventional cement foundations. This breakthrough system will debut next week at METALCON, Oct 3-5, at the Tampa Bay Convention Center in Tampa, Fla. (Booth #105).

The first foundation technology of its kind, SPF is a professionally-engineered, galvanized steel foundation system that employs modular, water-tight construction and a proven technology that meets Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) requirements and American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) specifications for form steel. This patented system has already been specified in more than 100 installations and will be validated by an independent laboratory.

The materials are made from 18-gauge studs for load-bearing walls and meet all foundation-bearing pressures. Its 16-inch on-center construction is ramset into concrete footing. It is asphalt-coated for additional moisture resistance and is easily adaptable to meet various wall configurations, including full load-bearing walls, daylight walls, frost walls, brick ledge walls, interior walls and multiple above-ground configurations. The galvanized and painted steel decking features 26-gauge ribbed construction for increased earth-bearing load strength.

The new basement system provides long-lasting waterproofing protection with a membrane that prevents hydrostatic wicking that forms a complete seal from the bottom sill to the outer surface of the exterior decking. This membrane has superior adhesion and is highly-conformable and flexible. A moisture-resistant spray foam that adheres to every framing member and substrate offers a complete watertight seal with exception performance in reducing heat transfer.

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