Ixia Launches Software Only Version of IxVoice for Testing IMS

Ixia, global provider of IP performance test systems, announced the launch of IxVoice Lite, a low-cost software-only version of IxVoice for testing IMS and VoIP protocol implementations. IxVoice Lite, announced at NetEvents in Faro, Portugal, contains the same features as IxVoice for testing up to 24 channels. It can easily be downloaded onto workstations and provides the same "look and feel" and operation as the traditional version. Instead of sharing a workstation, individual users can now have their own version of IxVoice running on their workstations saving time and valuable resources.

IxVoice Lite, an entry-level software platform, enables developers, QA test engineers and field engineers of service providers to perform sophisticated IMS and VoIP functionality testing. With its cost-effective test libraries, IxVoice Lite addresses all major VoIP protocols: SIP, SCCP (Skinny), H.323, MGCP and H.248/MEGACO. Specifically, its SIP library can be used to test critical CSCF functionality for IMS implementations.

IxVoice Lite's extensive multimedia functionality enables video, voice, tones, and T.38 fax to be mixed in any combination within a call. IxVoice Lite also provides tools for measuring and analyzing Quality of Voice, Video and Fax. Flexible state machines provide users with the ability to generate realistic calls, failed and complex call scenarios; thereby increasing interoperability with a large number of VoIP implementations. An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface simplifies the creation and editing of test scenarios.

IxVoice Lite enables existing IxVoice users to quickly generate test scenarios off-line on an economical basis. Users create, test and debug test scenarios on their workstations and then transfer the test scenarios to a workstation running regression tests. Having a workstation dedicated for regression testing ensures that its results are not compromised by changes introduced by other users.

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