Self-Service & Kiosk Show

Immersion Corporation, developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, announces that the largest supplier of kiosks in North America, KIOSK Information Systems, is now offering Immersion's TouchSense tactile feedback solution in its kiosks for the self-service and retail industries. Serving both North American and European markets estimated at US$1 billion and 193, 000 kiosks* annually (77 percent using touchscreens), KIOSK's new TouchSense tactile feedback option significantly expands exposure for the technology. KIOSK will be exhibiting in booth #2000 and Immersion will be exhibiting in booth #407 at the Self-Service & Kiosk Show, San Antonio, September 28 and 29.

TouchSense components integrated into touchscreen designs produce tactile feedback in response to the user's press. For retail and self-service applications, the simple addition of a tactile cue may either help overcome user uncertainty or enhance the user experience. A tactile cue supplies unmistakable confirmation, encouraging more rapid and accurate data entry. By establishing clear communication, it also promotes greater ease-of-use leading to higher customer satisfaction. And a tactile cue increases interactivity and a sense of control, helping to create a more engaging experience to encourage continued use.

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