13 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Society for Biomolecular Sciences has announced that after the Society's annual event in Seattle this month, professionals from around the globe will want to participate in the next SBS Annual Conference & Exhibition in April 2007. This will be the first spring annual the Society has scheduled.

The SBS event, the premier scientific and showcase event in molecular discovery, brings together 2, 900 professionals, offering an opportunity to learn more about the latest innovations, technologies, and research in the drug discovery sciences from all over the world.

Session Topics Advances in Screening Technologies, Biomarkers: From Bench to Clinic, Compound Management: Challenges & Automation Solutions, Enzyme Targets: Black Box or Whole Cell Assays?, From Gene to Target: Functional Target Validation Strategies, High-Content Cellular Screening, Immunotherapeutics, mAbs & Translational Medicine, Structural Biology: Underpinning Drug Discovery, Systems Biology & High-Throughput Approaches to Screening Native Cells, Target Biology & Screening: GPCRs, Target Biology & Screening: Ion Channels, Toxicity Profiling Using High-Throughput & High-Content Technologies.

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