Saba-Centra Summit

Saba, the premier Human Capital Management (HCM) software and services provider, introduced at the Saba-Centra Summit, Saba Publisher Professional Edition 6.0, a powerful new solution for creating and assembling learning content to disseminate knowledge throughout the enterprise.

Saba Publisher Professional Edition enables both instructional designers and subject matter experts to create compelling online courses, interactive simulations, sophisticated assessments, and other types of training content, all without programming skills. With this new product, Saba has delivered a solution with a full suite of tools for creating and editing simulations and media objects such as animations, images, drawings, audio and video. These tools empower authors to create high-impact content quickly and easily, while reducing the reliance on the use of third-party software tools. Through tight integration across the Saba Learning Suite, Saba Publisher Professional Edition 6.0 provides organizations with seamless learning delivery and maximum content reuse.

The solution's support for the Unicode character set allows content authors to create and publish e-learning content in virtually any language, enabling more consistency across the globe as well as greater productivity and reuse. Saba Publisher Professional Edition enables content to be published out to a variety of consumable formats, including SCORM, AICC, HTML, CD-ROM and single file executables.

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