mixxer Named Momentum 2006 Company at Annual IBDNetwork

mixxer, Inc., a mobile content community, has been chosen as a Momentum 2006 Company by IBDNetwork, a media research company that analyzes trends for business, investors and press. Recognized for its solid user base, vision and potential for growth, mixxer will receive the honor at the annual IBDNetwork Momentum Growth Conference on September 2728 in Mountain View, Calif.

Each year, the IBDNetwork Momentum Growth Conference honors industry leaders dominating the next stage of the growth cycle -- a who's who of leading companies with real customers, real revenue, real partnerships and the vision to change their market landscape. Companies granted this prestigious honor are recognized as "ones to watch" -- role models for growing exponentially while gaining rapid traction in a dynamic market.

The Momentum companies were selected according to the following criteria: significant revenue growth over a short period of time; a proven, scalable business model; user-base size; customers; and strategic, high-profile partnerships. Companies were chosen by IBDNetwork's distinguished selection committee, who reviewed over 500 candidates and chose the top percentile to recognize.

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