MTU to unveil 4000 marine diesel engines at SMM Hamburg

SMM, marine technology exhibition 26th to 29th September 2006 in Hamburg will see the unveiling of the new generation of the successful Series 4000 marine diesel engines from MTU Friedrichshafen. The new propulsion units are both cleaner and more powerful than their predecessors.

The latest Series 4000 engines are the result of ten successful years of experience with the previous generation which has now logged up several million hours of operation on the world's seas and waterways. The new units meet the more stringent demands of US EPA Tier 2 emission specifications which, in particular, prescribe a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide. The MTU marine units undercut the new NOX-limit of

As replacements for the older and larger MTU 595 Series, the new Series 4000 engines represent a significant fuel reduction. Replacing a 12-cylinder Series 595 unit generating 3, 240 kW with a new Series 4000 16-cylinder marine unit delivering 3, 440 kW produces a fuel saving of around 10%. The same fuel reduction also results from replacing a Series 595, 16-cylinder marine diesel (4, 320 kW power) with a 20-cylinder Series 4000 marine diesel (4, 300 kW).

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