Silicon Hills Summit 2006

The seventh annual Silicon Hills Summit, the Southwest region's premier semiconductor financial conference, will be held Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006, at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas.

The full-day event features presentations from some of the state's most exciting privately held semiconductor companies and includes a special luncheon keynote address from John Scarisbrick, chief executive officer of CSR (LSE:CSR). CSR is a wireless solutions provider and leader in Bluetooth technology.

This year's conference features presentations from 24 Texas-based companies -- Alereon, Bandspeed, ColdWatt, D2Audio, HelioVolt, Innovative Fluidics, Intinsity, JamTech, Keterex, Legerity, Mimix Broadband, Molecular Imprints, nanoCoolers, NetEffect, NextIO, Pintail Technologies, PulseWave RF, Pyxis Technology, Quickfilter Technologies, Rivlan, Syndiant, Tehuti Networks, VizionWare and Wintegra.

Austin Ventures and Shelton Group will jointly host Silicon Hills Summit 2006. The two organizations established Silicon Hills Summit in 2000, bringing the financial community to one of the fastest-growing semiconductor regions in the nation and drawing attention to the continuing success and advancement of technology throughout the state.

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