Hybrid Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters

Currie Technologies Inc., one of the worlds most successful companies with a ten year history pioneering the field of light electric vehicles, will introduce an unprecedented line-up of their new IZIP hybrid electric bicycles and electric scooters. The product range includes new models that are mated with Fallbrook Technologies, NuVinci Smooth Cruise CVP and will be shown for the very first time at Interbike International Bicycle Trade Fair held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 27 - 29, 2006.

Currie develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance hybrid and electric powered vehicles and personal transportation products and is expanding its IZIP product line to include hybrid electric bicycles and electric scooters combining the patented Currie Electro-Drive drive systems with the NuVinci CVP. This creates a whole new vehicle category -- a family of light electric vehicles (LEVs) whose enhanced performance makes them a practical alternative to gas-powered vehicles. Two models are currently being developed -- one is a lightweight electric bicycle (scheduled availability Q4 2006), the other is an electric scooter (scheduled availability Q1 2007).

The IZIP Trekking Li NuVinci electric bike that has an Electro-Drive hub motor drive system that powers the front wheel and is actuated through a proprietary PTS (Pedal Torque Sensor) system. The pedals also drive the rear-wheel drivetrain just like a conventional bike. The NuVinci CVP will serve as a rear-wheel drivetrain, replacing a traditional derailleur or internal geared hub and improving the rider's overall cycling experience.

The IZIP Fusion 1000 NuVinci electric scooter will use both the patented Currie Electro-Drive system and the NuVinci CVP, leveraging the benefits of both technologies by creating an automatic, multi-gear drive system that will enhance the performance, range and ability to handle hills and higher weights without stalling.

In the near future Currie plans to design a significantly expanded line of bike and scooter models using the NuVinci CVP, creating new market opportunities for its retailers.

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