Pirelli Unveils Transceivers at ECOC

Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband access and photonics company within the Pirelli Group, announced that it is launching its high-end DWDM XFP optical transceiver portfolio at the ECOC exhibition and conference, taking place in Cannes, 24-28 September 2006. Pirelli's DWDM MSA 300-pin tunable transponder portfolio, which is based on the company's dynamically tunable laser, will also make its world debut in Cannes.

The XFP family includes an extensive portfolio of modules featuring high output power and a wide range of dispersion tolerance levels for distances of 80 to in excess of 200 km. This range allows customers to optimize the cost-performance ratio across different networks, including metro and regional.

Pirelli's 300-pin tunable transponder product family - also debuting at ECOC 2006 - is MSA compliant and allows tuning over the entire C or L band. In addition to the newly qualified dynamically tunable laser, the products include either a PIN or an APD receiver and optical dispersion compensation techniques, and are designed for metro and long haul DWDM networks, with dispersion reach of 80 to over 350km. The portfolio features products with different modulation formats, including standard NRZ, negative-chirp NRZ, Duobinary, and high dispersion tolerance.

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