Telecom Application Acceleration Seminars

Enea, in advanced device software, announced that the inaugural Application Acceleration Seminar will take place in Ottawa, Canada on October 3, followed one week later by a Seminar in Chicago, Illinois on October 10.

Enea has joined forces with Avnet, Data Connection, Intel, Kontron, MontaVista Software and S3 to offer this series of one-day technical seminars that will help network equipment providers accelerate their application development process.

These unique seminars will showcase open architecture products and technology, and highlight system architecture (hardware and software), integration and development practices that make it easier for telecom OEMs to outsource their platform design and accelerate application software development.

The application acceleration development seminars will address all aspects of platform design and integration, from hardware components such as microprocessors, DSPs, and AdvancedTCA / AdvancedMC boards, modules and shelves, to software components like operating systems, protocols, middleware, and database technology. Each presenter, an expert in their respective discipline, will focus on a unique aspect of the telecom platform design, integration, and application development process.

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