World Safety Declaration Marks First Anniversary

The World Safety Declaration, a global initiative by industry to improve safety in the workplace, marked its first anniversary as 11 Chinese organizations became charter signers at the 3rd China International Forum on Work Safety and China International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition.

DuPont initiated the World Safety Declaration as part of a commitment to use its knowledge and science to make lives safer for people everywhere. As one of the safest industrial companies in the world, DuPont assists companies and governments through its safety management consulting business. To date, it has helped prevent thousands of injuries and fatalities as well as significantly reduce the high economic costs of unsafe workplaces. DuPont is constantly developing new solutions to protect people both at home and in the workplace through its dynamic science and technology platforms.

Signers of the World Safety Declaration agree to make a public commitment to improving workplace safety, collaborate with other companies and report their challenges, progress and successes at the 18th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work scheduled for Seoul, Korea, in 2008.

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