Fairchild to Deliver Solutions for Optimizing System Power

Fairchild Semiconductor, the global supplier of products that optimize system power, will demonstrate its leadership position in ignition system products and other solutions for automotive applications at Convergence 2006, being held in Detroit, Michigan, October 16-18. Fairchild's conference exhibit will emphasize its continued expansion of functional power products, including gate drivers, high-side switches and smart ignition IGBTs.

Automotive power electronics is projected to grow at a rate of 8.6 percent through 2009, with even higher growth rates for body electronics and emerging systems, such as power steering and power control for hybrid electric vehicles, according to IMS Research(1). Automotive systems are using more analog and power management functions and Fairchild is continuing to develop products in response to this trend. Recent developments in the automotive market include: Significant demand for passenger comfort and convenience features. Advanced braking and handling systems for increased safety and comfort. New "under-the-hood" systems, such as power steering, are increasingly being converted from mechanical to electronic. Alternative powertrain technologies such as electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems that require significant increases in on-board electric power processing.

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