World Expo 2010 and Urban Transportation Intelligent Integration

Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. announced that the ''Shanghai International Parking Equipment and Intelligent System Expo 2006'' (Interparking 2006) & the ''International ITS Expo & Conference 2006 Shanghai'' will be held grandiosely at the INTEX Shanghai from October 8 to 10. Organized jointly by World Expo Group Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd.; China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Working Committee for Parking Equipment Manufacture; the Road Traffic Safety Association of Shanghai and Shanghai Service Trade Association of Parking, the expo runs under the theme of ''World Expo 2010 and Urban Transportation Intelligent Integration.'' It is a great opportunity for many national and international companies engaged in parking equipment systems and intellectual transportation to meet and share ideas. Interparking 2006 attracts suppliers of relevant technologies and equipment from countries such as China, Germany, the U.S., Korea, Japan and Russia.

In recent years, as the number of automobiles owned in Shanghai has continued to increase ten-folds, problems in Static Transportation Management have become increasingly prominent. According to statistics, the current number of total parking spaces in Shanghai is 490, 000 and the ratio between the number of public parking spaces and the number of automobiles owned is 10.7%. The ratio between the number of basic parking spaces and the number of automobiles owned approximates 60%. In comparison with data of other large international cities, the ratio between the number of public parking spaces and the number of automobiles owned should be between 15% and 20%. There is still a large gap in the basic parking requirement of one car, one parking space. Current parking problems within communities have drawn media and public attention. It is forecast that by 2010, the number of automobiles owned in Shanghai will increase to around 1.6 to 1.8 million from the present figure of one million. During the World Expo 2010, 73 million people are expected to flow through the city, posing severe challenges and pressures on the adaptability of Shanghai's transport system. Therefore, in order to stage a successful World Expo 2010 and fully materialize the theme ''Better City Better Life, '' the urban transportation and parking in Shanghai must be treated as a high-ranking priority.

In terms of intelligent transportation systems, the focus shall be on the showcase of intelligent transportation system engineering, in-car navigation systems, GPS Vehicle Operation Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Traffic Information Collection and Monitoring Systems, and other modern intelligent transportation technologies. Industry leaders will cluster in the show area, including Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., a system integrator and service provider famous in the intelligent transportation field; Parsons Brinckerhoff Ine.(PB); Shanghai Tengwei Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Changyu Navigation HI-tech Co., Ltd.; and SIMICON. They have all developed innovative technologies that are able to provide their latest urban intelligent transportation solutions at the World Expo., which will be one of the highlights of the exhibition. Of them, Shanghai Changyu Navigation HI-tech Co., Ltd. will present their recently introduced three-dimensional real view that shows the local traffic reality of five major cities.

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