itSMF USA 2006

ValCom, a provider of business technology solutions announced the availability of WebSPOC Version 7.0 during the opening day of the 6TH Annual itSMF USA Conference and Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. WebSPOC is a Web-based, Single-Point-Of-Contact software solution, which centralizes standard, repeatable IT business processes. The latest enhancements allow more effective service management through a robust workflow engine, procure and dispatch capabilities and tighter integration with internal and external suppliers. And, WebSPOC Version 7.0 is the first IT service management solution to layer standards-based eProcurement on top of an ITIL-compatible CMDB architecture, enabling true end-to-end asset lifecycle management.

As one complete Service Management solution, WebSPOC's latest enhancements provide optimal process efficiency in both service support and project management. WebSPOC Version 7.0 features: Workflow engine enabling IT organizations to integrate and manage the business processes of service management faster and more effectively. Service support processes for Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration and Service Level Management processes. Consistent, accurate data support maintained for each service process through an active configuration management database (CMDB).

Standards-based e-Procurement layered on top of an ITIL-compatible CMDB architecture, enabling true end-to-end asset lifecycle management. Procurement and dispatch capabilities that tightly integrate equipment suppliers and external service providers into ITIL processes. Extensible, federated CMDB architecture that integrates with existing asset management tools. HP's SmartLink Certification which gives customers assurance of a seamless and bi-directional integration between WebSPOC and HP OpenView Service Desk. Self-Service Portal with categorized service offerings, integrated product configuration standards, and delivery workflows with associated SLAs. Modern Web-browser user interface and an AJAX-optimized architecture. WebSPOC: Delivering Project and Service Management Excellence

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