"NASA"s Aero Adventure

The City of Santa Paula's California Oil Museum opens the new exhibit, "NASA's Aero Adventure: Exploring the Wonders and Science of Flight. The exhibit runs through January 21, 2007.

This exhibition features interactive exhibits that explore the science of flight and the frontiers of aerospace propulsion in jet aircraft. This is the first showing this NASA exhibition in California and it comes from the NASA Glenn Research Center in Ohio. An added component will present a look at jet-engine landspeed vehicles like the Spirit of America. The Museum is operated by the City of Santa Paula Community Services Department.

Aero Adventure is a traveling exhibit that lets visitors explore the science of flight and the challenges of aerospace propulsion. Visitors will walk through a collection of five exhibits that introduce the basic concepts of aircraft propulsion and the different engine types used in today's vehicles. Developed by NASA Glenn Research Center, in Cleveland, OH, this highly interactive exhibit allows visitors a view of "the wonders of flight" on one workstation and offers the opportunity to "become an engineer for the day" on a second workstation. "Engineer for a Day" program won the Communicator Award of Distinction in the Education-Multimedia/Museums category

Visitors can get to the core of how an engine operates by examining the internal components of a small jet engine model. Actual castings of ice build up on aircraft surfaces created in Glenn's Icing Research Tunnel showcase one aspect of how NASA research is improving flight safety.
This exhibit is NASA's first aeronautics-themed traveling exhibit designed specifically for use in science centers and museums around the country. Glenn leads NASA's efforts in aeropropulsion - technology that improves flight through the Earth's atmosphere.

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