IBDNetwork Annual Momentum Growth Conference

SideStep, Inc. will be honored as a Momentum 2006 Company at the upcoming Momentum Growth Conference to be held on September 27 - 28, 2006 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The Momentum Growth Conference is produced by IBDNetwork. SideStep, Inc., the Internet's travel search company, utilizes its innovative search technology to search the sites of travel suppliers, online agencies and consolidators to find the best travel options from more than 600 airlines, 100, 000 hotels and 30, 000 rental car locations worldwide.

From the producers of the acclaimed Under the Radar conference series, the Momentum Growth Conference honors industry leaders dominating the next stage of the growth cycle -- a who's who of leading companies with real customers, real revenue, real partnerships, and the vision to change their market landscape. Companies granted this prestigious honor are recognized as "ones to watch" -- role models for growing exponentially while gaining rapid traction in an exploding market.

The Momentum 2006 companies were selected according to the following criteria: significant revenue growth over a short period of time; a proven, scalable business model; user-base size; customers; and strategic, high-profile partnerships. Companies were chosen by IBDNetwork's distinguished selection committee, who reviewed over 500 candidates and chose the top percentile to recognize.

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