Lux Executive Summit

Lux Research, the world's research and advisory firm for nanotechnology, announced new speakers and features at the second annual Lux Executive Summit: Commercializing Nanotechnology, to be held on October 16-17, 2006 at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Lux Executive Summit will feature exclusive presentations from Lux Research's world-renowned analyst team in addition to top executives at leading firms active in nanotechnology such as IBM, 3M, Bayer, Medtronic, and DuPont. Leaders from Global 1, 000 corporations slated to present their strategies to commercialize nanotechnology include Motorola's VP of Embedded Systems Vida Ilderim; IBM's Director of Physical Sciences Tom Theis; Bayer's VP of Future Business Robert Kumpf; DuPont's Global Director of Corporate Regulatory Affairs Terry Medley; and Air Products' CTO Miles Drake. Top executives recently added to the speaking roster include Saied Tehrani, Director of MRAM Technology at Freescale Semiconductor; Thomas Sawitowski, Manager of Nanotechnology at Altana Chemie; Jake Reder, New Business Development Project Leader at Cabot Corporation; and Larry Carlson, VP of R&D at Eastman Sports.

The Lux Executive Summit will also host dozens of CEOs from the most promising companies in nanotechnology and the physical sciences. Participating CEOs hail from companies like Nucryst Pharmaceuticals, Nanogram, NanoTerra, Lumera, Altair Nano, Starpharma, Integran, Kereos, AION Diagnostics, Advanced Nanotechnology, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, NanoOpto, and NanoBioMagnetics. Start-up CEOs recently added to the speaking roster include Don Young of Aspen Aerogels; David Vieau of A123Systems; Joe Carr of Semprius; Kevin Matthews of Oxonica; William Moffitt of Nanosphere; and Leonard Dolhert of Primet Precision Materials.

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