Kester to Showcase Ultrapure K100LD

Kester announces that it will display UltraPure K100LD, a lead-free bar solder alloy for the electronics industry in booth 616 at the upcoming Mexitrónica conference and exhibition, scheduled to take place October 10-12, 2006 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

K100LD is a patent-pending, low-cost alternative to traditional lead-free alloys. The bar solder offers the lowest copper dissolution of any lead-free bar on the market, even amongst all common alloys, including Sn63, SAC305 and other lead-free options.

K100LD represents an improvement over competitive alloys, including other variations of Tin-Copper-Nickel (SnCuNi). K100LD is a low-cost (silver-free) lead-free alloy primarily containing tin and copper with the inclusion of metallic dopants to control the grain structure and the Copper dissolution rate. K100LD has a slower rate of Copper dissolution than competitive SnCuNi alloys, which minimizes pot maintenance, maintains consistent soldering performance and improves reliability. K100LD has a copper dissolution rate 20 percent slower than the competitive SnCuNi alloy and even Sn63Pb37. K100LD compares favorably to other low-cost, lead-free alloys of tin and copper in terms of wetting and flow characteristics, providing users with optimal soldering performance and minimal defects.

K100LD is a Silver-free alloy, resulting in much lower costs than traditional lead-free alloys, such as SAC305. Kester K100LD provides the lowest delivered price to the global wave soldering market. K100LD includes anti-drossing technology, an important attribute with lead-free soldering that also represents additional cost savings to the assembler.

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