Scuderi Group to Unveil Air-Hybrid Diesel Engine Design

The Scuderi Group announced that they will be demonstrating the benefits of their breakthrough Air-Hybrid diesel engine at the International Automobile Association's Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) which takes place from September 21-28 in Hanover, Germany (Booth 24 CO3.)

The design and performance of the Scuderi Engine - potentially the world's most efficient internal combustion engine - has been verified by one of the world's leading independent engine testing laboratories. With even a bigger impact on diesel engines than on gasoline engines, the Scuderi technology not only improves the performance of the diesel engine but reduces the complexity and cost.

Perhaps the feature with the largest cost impact is the reduction or elimination of the exhaust treatment system. Because of the unique method of firing after top dead center and a very fast moving power piston, the two biggest emission problems for diesel engines (NOx and soot) are eliminated or drastically reduced. Emission reduction has been the greatest challenge for today's diesel engine manufacturers, with the sophistication and cost of the exhaust treatment systems growing rapidly. The newer urea-based Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust treatment systems can add from $11, 000 to over $50, 000 to the cost of large diesel engines. In addition, the extra weight and complexity increases the cost of maintenance and repairs.

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