Reemerging Tech Strong at ValueRich Small-Cap Financial

The reemerging tech sector will be well represented at the ValueRich Small-cap Financial Expo at the Wynn Las Vegas, October 25-26, 2006, in Las Vegas. Presenting tech companies include Immersion (IMMR), IncrediMail (MAIL), SoftNet Technology (STTC), Park City Group (PCYG), etrials Worldwide (ETWC), Teknik Digital Arts (TKNK), SAN Holdings (SANZ), Raptor Networks (RPTN) and Enxnet (EXNT).

The CEOs and executive teams of 45 Small-cap public companies will participate in this event -- offering a unique format with two days of expo-style exhibition, executive leadership business development, lavish networking events and traditional financial presentations before thousands of investment bankers, fund managers, institutional and accredited investors, research analysts, accountants, and attorneys.

A standard feature of every ValueRich Expo is ValueRich Bankers' Row, where public company executives can meet with multiple investment banks at one location during the two-day event. The Vegas Expo will include host investment banks Bathgate Capital Partners, Atlas Capital, Midtown Partners, Intelligent Capital Solutions, and I-Bankers Securities.

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