Windhover Information's 2006 Therapeutic Alliance Series

Windhover Information is pleased to announce that the online Partnering System at the 2006 Neurosciences Alliances Conference, part of its Therapeutic Alliance Series, is officially open. By actively using the conference's unique partnering software, an interactive system which enables participants to market their company and developments and engage in an ongoing dialogue with potential partners, companies are able to move quickly from identification of prospective partners to face-to-face meetings.

The conference is designed to address issues that are critical to the neuroscience industry, including examining the neuroscience marketplace; neuroscience drug reimbursement; judging your competition; designing a clinical trial; developing a commercial strategy; the clinician's perspective on neuroscience drug therapies; and developing your value proposition and pharmacoeconomic advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Attendees at Windhover's TA neuroscience conference can take advantage of pre-conference access to a database that includes detailed technical, non-confidential information, on the projects available for partnering (pre-clinical and clinical-stage projects). Attendees can also use Windhover's partnering software to set up one-on-one meetings.

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