ClearOne Showcases VoIP Tabletop

ClearOne, the global provider of audio conferencing products, announced the Company will showcase and demonstrate breakthrough audio technologies for VoIP applications, including its IP tabletop solution MAX IP(TM), and the personal conferencing solutions Chat(TM) 50 and Chat 150, at the Fall 2006 VON show in Boston from September 12-14.

The innovative tabletop audio conference products ClearOne has available for demonstration are MAX IP, ClearOne's SIP-based VoIP conference phone, and MAXAttach IP, a system that includes two daisy-chained MAX IP phones. MAX IP and MAXAttach IP both deliver ClearOne's trademark crystal-clear audio performance, and offer full room coverage with ability to connect up to four phones at once. These are new to the marketplace and provide multiple microphones, loudspeakers, and dial pad controls distributed throughout a room.

ClearOne's Chat 50 is the award-winning personal audio peripheral that connects to a wide variety of devices and provides the clearest hands-free audio communications anywhere. Such unmatched full-duplex capability gives users the power to simultaneously speak and listen with high-performance two-way audio. The crossover technology in the Chat 50 allows for innovative solutions such as the ability to bridge callers from VoIP softphones with callers on a landline or VoIP handset together into a single conference call. It provides high quality audio playback for music (as in iPod), gaming and all audio applications. The device is slightly larger than a deck of cards, and is truly a one-of-a-kind, go-anywhere personal device for conferencing and more.

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