OMZ Participates International Exhibition Electra Mining Africa

OMZ-Mining Equipment and Engineering Division, a part of OMZ has announced its participation in the 17th International Exhibition Electra Mining Africa 2006. The forum is to be held in Johannesburg, South African Republic, 11-15 Sept.

Electra Mining Africa is the second biggest mining equipment exhibition in the world. It is held every two years with support from the South African Mining Chamber and covers a broad range of minerals industry topics, including mining, mining machine building and the production of mining equipment, mining industry related energy, extraction and processing of minerals and gems, mineral transportation, safety and environmental measures.

Electra Mining Africa is being held simultaneously with Elenex Africa, African International Electrical Engineering and Lighting and Power Generation Exhibition. Electra Mining Africa attracts participants from all African countries including Morocco, Mauritania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The exhibition allows companies to establish contacts with business partners and high ranking officials. The number of exhibition participants normally reaches tens of thousands.

The exhibition is gaining significance in light of strengthening Russian-African economic cooperation. During a recent visit to Africa, President Vladimir Putin stated if economic cooperation between Russia and South Africa is successful, the value of joint investment projects in the coming few years will reach billions of dollars.

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