ARRIS to Showcase Multiple Advanced Video Solutions at IBC 2006

ARRIS, a provider of broadband access equipment for cable telephony, data
and video solutions, will bring its portfolio of advanced video solutions to its booth at the IBC Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam September 8-12. The ARRIS advanced video solutions are centered around its eystone (TM) D5(TM) Universal Edge QAM and its Cadant C4 CMTS deployed in an M-CMTS architecture.

ARRIS will team up with EGT, a in high-quality digital video processing and Vertasent, a developer of advanced on-demand management systems, to showcase an end-to-end open standard Switched Digital Video network solution that couples the ARRIS D5 Universal Edge QAM with EGT's ENCORE encoders and Vertasent's SBM1000 Switched Broadcast Manager. The solution is designed to allow cable operators to deliver significant increases in content choice for their subscribers in a very cost-effective manner. The end-to-end solution makes use of a TV Guide client running on a standard set top box. The ENCORE premium encoder delivers dual pass CBR and can be upgraded to deliver closed loop VBR, DTMF/Contact Closure Detection and DPI RateLock(TM) which locks in ad insertion bandwidth. The Vertasent Switched Video Manager, provides resource management and processes channel change messages delivered via the set top upstream using the ARRIS D5's IGMP support. The ARRIS D5 Universal Edge QAM, which provides 48 QAM channels in 2 RU, then delivers the requested program onto the node. The ARRIS D5 QAM is upgradeable to add MPEG filtering, Conditional Access System (CAS), and support for modular CMTS (M-CMTS) architectures. The performance of the Switched Digital Video solution, as viewed by the subscriber, is comparable to today's broadcast

In conjunction with RGB Networks, a leader in network video processing,
ARRIS will demonstrate an IPTV Video Solution over the ARRIS M-CMTS
(Modular Cable Modem Termination System) architecture. ARRIS will integrate RGB's Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) statistical multiplexer and video groomer with the ARRIS C4 CMTS and the ARRIS D5 Universal EdgeQAM to create a video over DOCSIS solution that will allow cable operators to seamlessly deliver broadcast quality video streams to TVs or PCs at home, along with high speed data and voice services. The RGB BNP product is engineered to deliver the video streams at extremely high video quality within the specified available bit rates, allowing for concurrent provisioning of multiple advanced services on the same cable broadband service connection to each home.

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