Top Pharmaceutical Companies Seeking Partners at BioFusion 2006

Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Solvay, Pfizer, 3M Health Care, Genzyme and Eli Lilly are among the pharmaceutical and medical product companies committed to speaking at BioFusion 2006 for the purpose of identifying licensing and technology partners. The second annual meeting, which brings bioscience leaders together to meet one-to-one for evaluation of technologies from across the southeast U.S. and the international bioscience community, will be held in Durham, North Carolina, September 17-19, 2006 at the Washington Duke Inn.

This year's Technology Seekers presentations will highlight the key areas of interest for in-licensing and partnering for these major companies. Specific areas of interest will be introduced along with an overview of business development processes and key contacts for dialogue related to collaborations.

Technologies will be presented on stage and in the Technology Showcase open house, and will feature one-to-one private meetings facilitated by the BioPartnering system used at the world's leading bioscience partnering conferences. BioFusion is the only international biopartnering conference held annually in the southeast.

This second annual meeting for BioFusion is hosted by BioSouth, Inc., which was formed to encourage business relationships and foster partnering opportunities.

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