TelePresence World Conference Series Announced

In collaboration with telepresence consultancy Human Productivity Lab, international event organizer Hemisphere Expo Services announces the launch of TelePresence World, a series of conferences and exhibitions that will bring together telepresence, presence, unified communications industry leaders and major end users from around the globe. The kickoff event, TelePresence World 2007, will be held June 4–6, 2006 at the University of San Diego.

The TelePresence World event series seeks to introduce telepresence technologies and explore their use in industry, government, education, medical and other fields. Event delegates will have the opportunity to debate and discuss the revolutionary technological developments that have brought telepresence from the realm of science fiction to the reality of everyday business. To demonstrate the power of telepresence and unified communications to bridge distance and bring people together, TelePresence World 2007 will include a concurrent exhibition to be held in the university's 25, 000-square–foot, state-of-the-art Pavilion.

TelePresence World 2007 will be moderated by the Human Productivity Lab, which has just published a seminal paper, "Telepresence, Effective Visual Collaboration and the Future of Global Business at the Speed of Light" (available for download from the Lab's website at Event organizers Hemisphere Expo Services will manage the conferences and exhibitions. The event series will take TelePresence World to most other major world business centers, including, initially, London, Frankfurt, Dubai and Shanghai.

Telepresence meetings make remote participants life-size, with fluid motion, accurate flesh tones and flawless audio. The experience feels remarkably natural and comfortable for almost any size meeting, from two people to large classrooms. Telepresence solutions are easy to use and surprisingly handy for collaborating on spreadsheets, slide decks, documents or even physical objects with minute details. Specialized telepresence solutions for specific industries already exist for settings as diverse as pharmaceutical research labs, movie and television studios, university-level distance learning, and neurological operating rooms.

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