Neurosciences Alliances Conference

Windhover Information's 2006 Neurosciences Alliances Conference, part of its Therapeutic Alliance Series, is the first meeting for researchers/product champions and business development executives to schedule partnering meetings, making it the most efficient neuroscience partnering conference for business development and researchers. The TA Neuroscience conference will be in Atlanta, GA, Oct. 18-19.

Attendees at TA Neuro will be able to meet with senior pharmaceutical business and scientific management responsible for dealmaking using special partnering software, with other key neuroscience decision-makers, and network with peers. A featured event will be presentations on the Top 10 Licensable Neuro/CNS projects.

Features of the Top 10 projects discussion will be the product's target and first indication(s); other compounds addressing the same target; the relative advantage of the compound; the clinical results to date and general clinical plan for the futuret IP on the compound or target; any partnerships they currently have on the compound; and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Informational sessions focus on key issues, including:

- Examining the neuroscience marketplace
- Neuroscience drug reimbursement
- Judging your competition
- Designing a clinical trial
- Developing a commercial strategy
- Clinician's perspective on neuroscience drug therapies
- Developing your value proposition and pharmacoeconomic advantage in a highly competitive marketplace

The conference will also feature two hands-on workshops. "Modeling Your Market and Commercial Value for your Neuroscience Drug" will cover building a franchise, changing valuations of alliances, and reimbursement issues. The second workshop, "Best Practices in Neuroscience Clinical Trials, " will focus on reviewing neuroscience design issues early.

In addition, Pfizer and Merck are tentatively scheduled as participants in discussion on "How Pharma Companies Chooses Great R&D Partners, " to be moderated by Windhover Managing Partner Roger Longman. The keynote discussion, "Translating Neuroscience Advances into Prescribed Drugs, " will focus on challenges and opportunities of truly randomized trials in oncology; when biomarkers will play a fundamental role in drug development and drug prescribing; and participants' views of the most problematic and most exciting mechanisms now under development.

Attendees at Windhover's TA neuroscience conference can take advantage of pre-conference access to a database that includes detailed technical, non-confidential information, on the projects available for partnering (pre-clinical and clinical-stage projects). Attendees can also use Windhover's partnering software to set up one-on-one meetings.

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