Marketing Research Industry Unites to Push Survey Participation

RFL Communications, Inc. in partnership with the Council for Marketing & Opinion Research (CMOR) and the Institute for International Research (IIR), today announced that a roster of the most influential executives in the market research and consumer insights profession will gather in Chicago on September 28-29 for a first-ever industry summit to address the increasing decline in consumer and business-to-business survey participation rates.

The focal point of the meeting, called "The Market Research Industry Summit on Improving Respondent Cooperation", will be a moderated roundtable discussion on the morning of day one featuring more than 30 VIP delegates - including vice-presidents and market research directors from Procter & Gamble, General Motors, McDonalds, IBM, CBS, VISA and other world-class corporations, along with presidents and CEOs from leading consumer and media research companies such as ACNielsen, Ipsos, Arbitron, Harris Interactive and Zogby International. The Summit also has the endorsement and participation of five key market research industry professional associations: CMOR, CASRO, The MRA, The ARF and AAPOR.

According to the Summit's organizers, a comprehensive plan for a campaign to promote survey research participation among both consumers and businesses has been drafted by CMOR - a non-profit organization whose mission, in part, is to improve survey research cooperation. The campaign plan will be presented to the roundtable delegates during the general session before a potential audience of several hundred attendees, where it will be deliberated and potentially ratified with financial support.

The Summit's importance is not limited to the market research industry. It has great relevance for consumers and business people who are the focus of research industry work. It is expected that CMOR's plan will create a more positive, respondent-conducive environment for all individuals who are asked to participate in various modes of research.

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