The Largest Solar Photovoltaic System in Canada is Launched

City of Toronto Councillor Pam McConnell announced today funding of $250,000 from the Green Municipal Fund to Exhibition Place for a feasibility study and field test of the largest solar photovoltaic system in Canada. Located on the rooftop of the Horse Palace, the 100 kilowatt solar installation is funded also by the City of Toronto's Better Buildings Partnership and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.

Designed by Carmanah Technologies in partnership with Exhibition Place, the pilot system is comprised of four sub-systems, each using a different combination of solar, inverter and mounting technologies. The electrical performance of each of the sub-systems will be separately monitored and compared, allowing Exhibition Place to determine the best overall combination of technologies for use in future projects. The public will be able to monitor the system's details on a website that is being created by Carmanah. The website will show the system through cameras on the roof and track the energy output of each solar array.

Councillor Pam McConnell said that this project will demonstrate the effectiveness of solar technologies in an urban environment and it will reduce annual electrical consumption by 120, 000 kilowatts per year and greenhouse gas emissions by 115 tonnes per year, saving Exhibition Place more than $10, 000 per year in hydro costs.

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