Cloakware Chief Technology Officer To Speak At IFA Berlin

Alec Main, Chief Technology Officer, will present at next month's IFA Berlin 2006 Conference, on September 5, on the panel discussion for "Content Protection in the Digital Home Network" as part of the Digital Living Network Alliance's knowledge presentation on "Borderless Platforms & Standards." Also participating in the discussion is Pat Griffis, Vice Chairman, Digital Living Network Association (DLNA) and Director, Microsoft Worldwide Media Standards.

DLNA is in the process of finalizing guidelines for link protection that define methods to allow protected content to flow between DLNA compliant devices in the home network. The DLNA network architecture greatly enhances the flexibility of enjoying both personal and commercial content throughout the home, and the market for DLNA compliant home networking devices is expected to expand with the capability to handle both these types of content. The DLNA Link Protection Guidelines will help manufacturers improve device interoperability in the case of protected content. However, there are other aspects of content protection, such as robustness, that will have an impact on product implementation but are beyond the scope of DLNA. This panel will review the latest status of DLNA Content Protection guidelines.

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